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Let's study while listening to Arashi!

Learn Japanese with Arashi!
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Japanese language tips and examples taken from Arashi songs.
This community's aim is to put a bit more fun into study for Arashi fans studying Japanese. Using Arashi lyrics and examples, I'll explain grammar points. It's meant as a supplement for people who have already started studying Japanese. The points will range from very basic to intermediate. So whether you're learning new things, or just reinforcing the stuff you've already learnt, I hope it's useful! If you're wanting to become fluent, Japanese study is seriously tough, so adding in fun to ease the stress is always a good idea.

And hey, how can it be tough when you have teachers this cute?!

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If you're interested in my posts, please feel free to join up - membership isn't moderated.

~The technicalities~

Firstly, I'd like to make one point clear: it is entirely impossible to become proficient in the Japanese from JUST listening to Jpop! Please don't think that you can listen to Japanese music and magically become fluent - it takes lots of effort and study too.

However, music can certainly help you in your studies if you're using it right, and in combination with classes or self-study.

I'm a second year Japanese degree student. And in my case, it really has helped to have examples outside of the textbooks. Especially if those examples are within songs I hear regularly. Whilst I know Japanese music is not going to directly teach me anything, it's been invaluable in helping certain stuff stick in my memory. And every time I translate lyrics, I come across parts that make such good examples of grammar points that I wish I'd noticed back when I was first learning.

So! The aim of this community is to provide other Japanese learners with a source of grammar explanations, reinforced by Arashi-based examples. I'm going to share the kind of stuff that has helped me along in my first year of Japanese language studies, as well as the stuff I wish I'd noticed back then. I've been meaning to catalogue it for ages, as a means of revision... So I thought why not share it online too?

I'll be updating regularly, at least once a week, with a different grammar point in each entry. Each lesson will be brought to you by a different Arashi-sensei, depending on the content.

It's probably worth pointing out that you won't get much use out of my posts unless you already know the extreme basics of the language. Hiragana and Katakana and a little bit of vocab at least. This is meant to be a supplement to studies rather than teaching you from scratch. I generally won't be teaching verb forms or vocab or basic particles - I'll be showing you ways of using them in sentences. I also will not be using romanji because it seeeeriously is worth learning hiragana and katakana as soon as possible. The less time spent using romanji, the better!

If you're still a complete beginner and haven't studied any Japanese at all yet - this might not be the place for you! But why not check out these websites to help yourself start out?


Really, any Japanese student will benefit from Tae Kim's site, so please check it out. On many occasions his explanations have saved me from banging my head on my desk in grammar-frustration! XD I'll be referencing him in all my posts for further info.

Finally comes shameless pimping of my translation comm, tomadoinagara! Go there for Arashi and other jpop translations.